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What is NEWA? NEWA is an advanced anti-aging energy-based skin rejuvenation treatment for skin tightening, wrinkle reduction, and improved skin texture in the comfort of your own home. Who is the manufacturer of the NEWA? Endymed Medical is a pioneering global aesthetic device company with a comprehensive product portfolio in skin rejuvenation. The Company’s award winning unique state […]

ENDYMED ‘The solution to every skin ageing concern’

ENDYMED offers multiple treatments using the most advanced and clinically proven radiofrequency technology to provide the solution to every skin ageing concern. From crows feet and eyelid hoods, to tired, sun-damaged skin and dropping jowls, whatever your area of concern. Each treatment delivers truly remarkable, natural and long lasting rejuvenation results. You are invited to […]

Endocare Growth Factor Facial

The Endocare Growth Factor Facial is an invigorating and intense collagen boosting facial which stimulates collagen production in three ways to physically and visably rejuventate ageing skin. Taking facial treatments to the next level this powerful, results driven facial is the perfect treatment for skin with visible signs of stress, ageing and sun damage. Priced […]

What does Heliocare 360 ̊ do?

Heliocare provides maximum protection against UVA, UVB, visible light, infrared-A, free radicals and DNA damage It’s revolutionary, multi-action formulations provide SPF50+ broad-spectrum protection, which shields the skins surface from UVA, UVB and visible light damage. At the same time, it also defends the skin from within with its hero ingredient, the powerful anti-oxidant Fernblock FC. […]