Sophie brings the art of Semi Permanent Makeup to Norton Cosmetic Clinic. With her extensive experience and knowledge, she is the automatic choice for treatments on eyebrows and lips. Sophie has always had a passion for art and design and spent a year within the tattoo industry before training with the renowned Karen Betts at Nouveau Contour to become a Semi Permanent Makeup Artist. She now has over six years experience in this field with lots of loyal happy clients.

Sophie’s ethos is, ‘less is more’, and her aim is to enhance the natural beauty of her clients with the semi-permanent treatments she provides. These treatments can boost confidence and give clientele the look to which they aspire.


Eyebrow treatments are £350, this includes a 6 week re touch

Eyebrow colour boost (existing clients only)
£120.00 up to and including 12 months
13 to 18 months – £170
18 – 24 months – £220

Lip liner and Blush £350, this includes a 6 week retouch

A ‘barely there, lip line is created, followed by a blush of colour through the full body of the lip. This treatment can be used to create a fuller lip shape without filler.

All permanent makeup treatments are subject to consultation and patch test.

Please note if you are prone to cold sores you must get a prescription for acyclovir from your GP as this treatment will stimulate the virus. 

Lip Liner and Blush Colour Boost £180.00 (existing clients only)

3D Areola and Nipple reconstruction

Nipple and Areola tattooing is performed by Sophie Quinney, a micro pigmentation specialist.

Sophie is a skilled tattoo artist who specialises in 3D nipple tattoos along with tattoos for other cosmetic purpose. Working for more than 5 years as a cosmetic tattoo artist, Sophie offers a range of treatments within this area of expertise. One of the most rewarding aspects of being a cosmetic tattoo artist is working with breast cancer survivors.